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“AZMARK brought a brilliant, creative approach to help us develop and launch our new brand identity. It was a pleasure working with Pauline and the team who thoughtfully listened to our business goals to deliver our new brand just in time for our launch at TechCrunch Disrupt, one of the most influential technology conferences of the year. They clearly understood our objectives while continuing to serve up relevant marketing and business development strategies. Thank you, AZMARK.”
Jeff Yasuda, CEO, FEED.fm

“Pauline’s marketing background is the key reason we brought AZMARK on as our marketing partner. In a little more than one year her expertise has enhanced our ability to grow community support for our non-profit, The NE Florida Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, Inc. By providing additional contacts and support for our fundraising efforts she has allowed us to increase private grants and donations which are our lifeblood since we do not accept government funding. Her skills in working with our board to grow community contacts and provide us direction in our marketing efforts are the skills we need to grow. We expect expansion to continue in the next few years with her guidance and direction.”
Jack Morison, President, Exchange Club of Jacksonville

“Pauline joined our team at an early stage and helped us align our marketing and brand strategies to elevate the profiles of our partners. She values each and every partner relationship and at Enthuse, our partners mean everything to us in this fast- moving sports loyalty space where we are engaging fans around their favorite sports and teams. Pauline has a super positive attitude on all aspects of our business, which positively affects all our other team members. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Pauline – she’s a great asset to the Enthuse team.”
Brian York, CEO, Enthuse

“Pauline Gerry’s work on CREW Jacksonville’s strategic plan was incredible. The CREW Team that volunteered for this effort were all very passionate about the organization and we were so pleased that Pauline shared our passion during our strategic planning process. We were thrilled with the outcome and how Pauline brought all the pieces together in the end to help us establish our plans to grow the organization and refine our mission.”
Suzanne Cortina, President, CREW Jacksonville

“Pauline Gerry brings to the table a broad scope of experience in marketing and branding. Most important for today’s rapidly-changing environment of how best to connect with customers for pull through market share and revenue, Pauline blends sophisticated market research with a fresh creative eye and a hands-on approach to moving projects from A to Z.”
Genie James, CEO, Women Evolving, LLC

“Pauline brought a depth and breadth of marketing experience to SyncLive that played a significant role in our product launch and overall product brand strategy. She has an incredible ability to wrap her arms around a business and help communicate its vision and mission to potential customers in a clear, compelling way.”
Aric Berquist, Founder and CEO, SyncLive

“Pauline is an incredibly impressive professional who seems to effortlessly handle the management of multi-dimensional projects and activation. Over the several years we have worked together, I have repeatedly witnessed her passion for helping partners look at creative approaches to marketing and new business and she consistently looks for ways to give back through her work.”
Jamie Ryder, President, The Ryder Group

“Pauline did a tremendous job working with our team over several years and assisted us with in the launch and implementation of our PGA TOUR Pavilion, which serves as our main fan enhancement area at THE TOUR Championship presented by Coca-Cola. She is very reliable, creative and extremely passionate about her work!”
Todd Rhinehart, Executive Director, THE TOUR Championship

“Pauline led our Marketing team at HomeSide Lending for several years and was a direct report of mine. She is a true professional who built a top-notch team to help drive our successful business channels and partner relationships. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a creative, hard-working and experienced marketing leader and professional.”
Robert Davis, EVP, Lender Processing Services

“Pauline provided excellent consulting and advisory services on the launch of a new insurance product. She designed our marketing launch materials, consulted on web design and collaborated with the marketing team on how to structure strong campaigns. She is great to work with and very knowledgeable communicating with both technical and executive-level clients.”
Steve Adler, VP, Cypress Insurance

“I am both thrilled and honored to offer my personal recommendation for Pauline Gerry. I had the amazing opportunity to transition under Pauline at HomeSide Lending from a sales position into Account Management and Marketing. Under her guidance, I learned an incredible amount and truly feel as though it provided me the opportunity to excel far beyond what I was capable of prior to her leadership and guidance. She is in a word “EXCEPTIONAL.” I would recommend her in any capacity but she has particular strength in marketing, project planning, people development and building a stellar team from the ground up!”
Nicole Rodgers, Senior Account Manager, HomeSide Lending

“I have known Pauline for more than 15 years. She is one of the brightest, most talented and capable persons I have ever worked with. Pauline imparts tremendous energy, creativity and enthusiasm to everything she does and delivers results that exceed expectations. She is a pleasure to work with and motivates others to take their performance to a new level.”
Tom Stier, SVP Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation

“Having worked for Pauline at both the PGA TOUR and HomeSide Lending, Inc. is a testament to her great leadership. Pauline is a great marketing strategist with the ability to see the larger, long-term picture–a skill and talent that’s rare to find in the often reactive world of marketing. Working for Pauline has enabled me to grow a strong base of marketing management skills which I leverage to this day.”
Sam Shaqareq, Marketing Strategist, Fidelity National Information Services